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Bob Green’s Web Site!

    Robert James Green - 1954 /

    Graduate of Waubonsee Community College: Associates Degree in Applied Science Electronics Technology - Specializing in Microprocessor Technology, Microwave, & RF Communications

    1976-1981 BRK Electronics - Manufacturer of First Alert Smoke Detectors: 1) Tester 2) Automatic Insertion Equipment Maintenance  3)  High Volume Production Test Equipment Design, Fabrication and Maintenance  4)  Line Supervisor.

    1980-1981 Waubonsee Community College - Part Time Night instructor for “Basic Electronics” and “Tubes and Transitors.”

    1981-1983 Western Electric, AT&T Montgomery, IL - Tester

    1983-1989 MCL Inc. - Tester & Senior Field Service Tech for HPA (High Power Amplifier) systems, Trainer

    1989-1991 Carmichael Associates - Duties included: Engineer, Machinist, Field Service Engineer for Vacuum Packaging Equipment, Production Meat Slicers and HPA Systems (This was my brother’s business. He serviced vacuum packaging equipment the way I had serviced HPAs. He was training me to service the equipment he was familiar with.  A number of MCL customers who had my home phone number continued to call me at home for assistance. Within 3 months of leaving MCL, I was back to servicing HPAs almost full time.  This eventually led to the formation of Green Satellite Systems, Inc.)

    1991-Present, Green Satellite Systems, Inc. - Sales, Service & Consulting for SatCom HPA Systems

    Interests: My family, Electronics, Machining, Computers, Woodworking, Robotics, Astronomy, Genealogy, Inventions, Cooking/Bar-B-Que-ing, Traveling, Museums, Zoos, Video Games, Shopping, Trains, Planes, Hovercraft, Hang Gliding, Movies, New Electronic Toys & Bicycling.

    Newest Hobby:  Learning how to draw comic book/anime/manga art on my computer. At some point in time, I’ll add a page to “show off” my artwork.  For now though, the Epilogue Link to the left will take you to a site where I have One Lonely Piece exhibited in the Fantasy art gallery. It’s called “Death & Dark - A Match Made in Heaven.” You can look it up by its Name or by my Name...Robert Green. I don’t have any art in ElfWood yet but I hope to have some posted there soon. It’s a great place to look around, though. Digital Art Tutorials is a great place for CDs that explain how the pro’s draw and color.  They’re done by Brian Haberlin (one of the best in the business). He’s done work for all the “biggies” like Marvel , DC and Top Cow.  Haberlin Studios is his company and there’s a lot of great artwork there for your viewing pleasure.

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