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Bob Greenís Web Site!

  • HPA Sales
  • Parts Sales*
  • HPA Repairs*
  • On Site Service
  • HPA Calibration and Maintenance*
  • Tube Installations*
  • New HPA System Installations
  • Klystron Tuning*
  • Waveguide & Cable Sweeping w/Fault Location (10MHz-20GHz is the current range of our Test Equipment Compliment)
  • Phasing (done the right way)
  • Consulting
  • Free Telephone Assistance (you pay for the call)
  • Semi-Rigid Cable Fabrication
  • Limited Systems Engineering**

*    We primarily support MCL and ETM equipment but can on occasion service other manufacturers HPAs. The deciding factor is typically the availability of Parts and Documentation. We can repair many of the older/obsolete MCL HPAs as well.

We are in negotiations with Xicom to service HPAs that they manufacture!

We have signed a nondisclosure agreement and hopefully, we will be able to assist you with both maintenance and repairs in the near future!

** For Complete Turnkey Systems Engineering from Start to Finish, We Highly Recommend Pinzone Communications.  To be magically wisked away to their Website, Click Here...

or Here!

(304) 368-7950

(Be sure to tell them we sent you!!!)

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