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The Following Manufacturers support Green Satellite Systems with Equipment, Parts, Documentation and Information. Please consider their products when making a purchase so we can better assist you when you have a “Need,” a “Question,” or a “Problem.”

Let us Quote you on a New system Today!

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Systems Engineering

Need a Turn Key Fixed Uplink...Remoting for an Existing Uplink...or maybe a new RF Package Refit w/Antenna on your Transportable?

We Highly Recommend!!!

We have had the pleasure to install HPAs for Pinzone for more than a decade and find them to be both knowlegable and reputable!!!

(304) 368-7950

Service, Price, & Performance

Just Tell them WE sent you .... or if you like, we’ll contact them for you, give them a description of your requirements and have them contact you.

Another fine company that does “Systems Design & Integration” is

Antek Sytems, LLC

Although we have not worked directly for or with Antek, we have met with them. They have an excellent facility and several of our customers give them high marks for quality and customer service.  Several of their waveguide assemblies are presently in use on active spacecraft!

Please let them know you “found” them here!!

Waveguide & Waveguide Components

We have either had very good experiences with the following companies or get “Rave” reviews from our customers regarding the quality of their products and service!

Advanced Microwave Sector Microwave

Not sure what you need or where to get it? Let us help! We would be happy to help with Information, Quotations, and Installations!

There are more listings on our “Links” page!

CLM Sales Co., Inc.

Specializing in RF and Microwave Products!!!

RF Adapters, Cable, and More!!!

Digital Equipment

Check out the information and let us send you a Quote!

The future is HERE!!!  Digital is crossing the globe and has become the staple of the video broadcast industry.  Lower HPA power requirements and narrower bandwidths have become the mainstay of the SNG business.  These companies are leaders in the field and supply the vast number of our customers with equipment.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or them directly!!!

We are not aligned with any of the Transportable Builders on our Transportable Page.  This is just a sampling of what is available if you are in the market for a new Uplink Truck!

Feel free to consult us on HPA products and configurations for your Uplink Truck!!

Tube Manufacturers

TWTS and Klystron Tubes

When you need a new tube installed in your HPA, Call Us!!! Many times we can save you Hundreds of Dollars on the cost of new tubes!

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