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These Links will take you to sites of interest within the field of Satellite Communications or Electronics in General.  No recommendation is implied by their presence here unless I specifically state my recommendation for a given site!  My hope is to give you leads for information you may be looking for within the the Satellite Industry!  Happy Hunting!

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HPA Manufacturers:

Low to High Power SSPAs:

Systems Engineering:

Antenna Installation and Servicing

Green Satellite Systems Customer Sites: (Incomplete List)

Tube Manufacturers:

RF and Microwave Components

Waveguide & Waveguide Components:

Solid State Amplifier Repair:

Transportable Uplink Truck Builders:

Digital Equipment Mfrs.:

Used Equipment:

SA Upconverter/Exciter Repair:

Video/Production Equipment:

Electronic Components:

PC Board Fabrication:

Cool Electronic Toys

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