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Green Satellite Systems, Inc.

Bob Green’s Web Site!

20 years In Business!!!!

**1991 - 2011**

Thanks to all of you who helped make this possible!!!

    Klystrons - TWTs

Sales, Service, Parts and Consulting for Satcom HPAs

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This is Bob Green’s Official HPA Website.  We Specialize in MCL & ETM TWTs and KLYSTRON Amplifiers for the SATCOM Industry.  (Sometimes we can help with other makes as well!)


We are pleased to announce that our preferred method of receiving payments is now Intuit’s Payment Network.  This method of payment is secure and similar to PayPal. The cost to us is very attractive...just $0.50 per transaction and no percentage of the sale. Please consider paying via Intuit Payment Network as it will help us keep our prices from rising.

We Still Take Visa, Master Card and American Express!

     You’re at the right place if you’re looking for information on your HPAs.

C & Ku what we do!

  If you’re in the Satcom Broadcast industry, eventually you’ll need help with your Transmitters. Whether it’s a fixed uplink or a transportable, we can help. 

New Equipment Sales, Repairs, Maintenance, whatever your amplifier needs, let us give you a quote or an estimate! If we can’t help, we’ll send you to where you can be helped.

     SNG Trucks can be hard on your amplifiers. Vibration, Humidity, High and Low Voltage conditions all take their toll. Your equipment is constantly turned “on & off” resulting in the constant thermal expansion and contraction of components within your HPAs. These Thermal Changes can and do result in Failures. Remember, when things go wrong, we’re here to help!

Have a look around...if there’s something more you’d like to see in these pages, feel free to contact us.

*    We primarily support MCL and ETM equipment but can on occassion service other manufacturers HPAs.  The deciding factor is typically the availabilty of Parts and Documentation. We can repair many of the older/obsolete MCL HPAs as well.


Service Rates Will be going Up!!!! 2012!!!

Our Daily rate will be going from $940/day to $960/day!  This is about a 2% increase over our current rates and on average our rates are running with a 2.8% year to year increase over when we started.

Our Per Diem Rate will be going from $180/day to $200/day!

Gasoline is now at or above $4.00/Gallon.  Our Travel Rate will be $1.75/Mile (one way charge) for a single customer. Less if multiple customers can be serviced during a service trip.  When Gas Prices Drop below $3.50/Gallon, we will lower our rate back down.  We apologize for these increases, but the cost of business keeps going up.

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