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Trip Scheduling

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Green Satellite Systems can do a wide variety of services at your location.  From System Maintenance to Tube installations, we can help you onsite when it is inconvenient or impossible to send your HPAs in for service.

We actively seek multiple customers in your area to help defray travel costs among all participants.  The more participants we can get when servicing in the field, the less it costs for each customer in terms of Travel Expenses.

Trips are divided into “Scheduled” and “Non-Scheduled” classifications.

Scheduled Trips

Several times each year we schedule “Maintenance Trips” to different areas of the country. We try to avoid “Ratings Periods” for obvious reasons.  During such trips we can do a variety of services: the primary service being the Maintenance of your HPA equipment.

(See “Maintenance”)

Unscheduled Trips

These are the occasions that one hopes would never happen.  You have problems with your transmission system and are typically running short on time. We can help you get back in service.

We will also try to get other customers in your area who may need maintenance or other services done to help reduce the cost of the trip.  Either way, if you need a Tube Replaced or Power Supply repaired, we have the Equipment, the Expertise and the Experience to get you back on the air!

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