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This Unit was known as the MCL uP Klystron.  I felt that the schematics were a little “hodgepodge” so between service calls I “linearized” a majority of the circuitry in this particular model.  While drawing this handbook, I found several errors in both the schematics and the wiring within the HPA which were corrected for the most part as I took the time to physically check and compare the schematics to the actual unit. (Sorry about the quality of the drawings.  All I had at the time were a pencil, a stack of paper and a Radio Shack Symbol Template. Remember...this was 1983-1984 when I did these.  CAD Software and Desktop Computers really weren’t that prevalent.)

If you own one of these units, you NEED this handbook!

The RS232 Adapter print will allow you to communicate with the HPA’s Maintenance Bus.  You will need a “dumb” terminal or a terminal program for your computer as well.

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