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Service Rates

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Welcome to my Service Rates Page.

The following rate sheets extend back to 1991. Some things to consider when evaluating my rates are:

  • 1. When I left MCL in 1989, they were charging $835/Day plus $105/Hr Overtime for Field Service. Travel Time was at $90/Hr. Varian was charging $1200/Day. In 2005, MCL is charging $95/Hr and $50/Hr Travel Time (based on customer reports). ETM is Charging $150/Hr in the field and $125/Hr in the shop. CPI (formerly Varian) is charging $1200/Day.
  • 2. I have tried to maintain very consistent rates from year to year; raising them primarily, to stay in business.  I’m not getting rich, doing this. I do not manufacture any products (yet), as the HPA manufacturers do, to build service costs into. I sell very few “HPA systems” directly and I frequently recommend customers buy their replacement parts directly from the manufacturer to save money (If I bought them, I’d have to mark them up at least 10%).  I do this (fix HPAs), because I like it and I like the people (and it pays equitably).
  • 3. In 2004, I started a new method of charging for travel. I built in several variables like distance, the number of customers that I was servicing, tolls, etc.  Since I primarily DRIVE everywhere to service and maintain HPAs, you, the customer, save a lot of money compared to my flying. The airlines don’t like checking my resistive load because it looks too much like an explosive device. Shipping all my equipment (valued at $75K+) is usually more than $1500.00 round trip when insured for full value. Rental Cars are typically a minimum of $60/day.  My mileage/travel rates are not based on the government’s generally accepted $0.37/mile. They include my travel time, tolls, and vehicle maintenance as well as hotel stays that occur in addition to my service days at the customer’s site.  Any travel discounts that you may have received in the past (based on the number of customers serviced) are now accounted for in the different rate levels.  These rate levels may change from time to time based on the cost of fuel. I will attempt to minimize any variance.
  • Feel free to contact me with any questions, you have concerning my rates.






Updated Travel Cost Pricing Due to Gas Prices.





Note:  1st Labor Rate increase since January1, 2000




Updated Travel Cost Pricing Due to Gas Prices.


Note:  Per Diem increase.  Restoration of 8 Customer + Travel Rate.

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Labor Rates Going Up on 1/1/2007


Note:  Travel Rate Increase Due to Fuel Price Reaching $3.75/Gal

Also:  Statement of Warranty Added